Like humans, it doesn’t take animals very long to realize that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Natural disasters occur, human intervention in factory farms can rip families apart, and sometimes, for no apparent reason, events, like birth, just go awry. While the media often depicts animals as non-feeling beings who don’t feel pain or grieve in the same way humans do, anyone who has seen an animal lose a loved one knows otherwise.

We’ve seen elephants mourn lost friends, dogs refuse to leave the sides of their deceased guardians, and even donkeys gather after the death of a loved one. Clearly, animals have far more emotional depth than we give them credit for.


When it comes to a mother and a child, the bond is only stronger. Animal mamas will do anything for their kin and when they lose one of their own to death, the pain they go through is evident in every way. Thankfully, just as people adopt children who lost their parents, animals have also been shown to lend a helping hand when they see another animal in need.

Take this horse and foal, for instance. According to Imgur user, Riddickulus, this mama horse lost her baby. Two days later she was introduced to a foal who had lost her mom. Seems like they met each other at the perfect time… 




Whether or not these two will now go through life together is not clear from the Imgur post, but we’d like to think that’s the case. True or not, this photograph demonstrates the tender understanding these two animals have for each other. Their body language would suggest that they know that the other is in pain, and they are choosing to comfort each other through the difficult time. We can’t imagine the pain and trauma both of these animals have endured but we sure are glad they found each other


Image source: riddickulus/Imgur