We often make cats and birds out to be mortal enemies. Of course, cats have the natural instinct to hunt birds, but we shouldn’t be so quick to assume that cats will always choose to act on these aggressive impulses. In fact, we have seen many cases where cats who find themselves faced with birds act on their motherly instinct instead. Just take a look at Ginger, the sweet cat mother in this video.

It looks like Ginger happily has her paws full with a whole gaggle of little chicks. Rather than acting with any semblance of malice, she decides to cuddle and comfort the chicks instead. Really, who wouldn’t dream of being in the middle of that pile of cute?

And it looks like cats aren’t the only animals willing to extend an olive branch to their perceived “enemy.” Just check out the mother hen in the video below:


Hey, if a cat can learn to love a group of baby chicks and a hen can comfort a bunch of kittens, then we can all stand to learn to be a little more compassionate towards others.