Cats are supposed to be fierce hunters of rodents and birds and pretty much anything they think they can catch, right? But this mama cat doesn’t seem to care about that stereotype.

Kit-Kat has taken it upon herself to foster these baby squirrels, all of her own accord. They were knocked from their nest after a storm in their hometown of Paarl, South Africa. But as soon as Kit-Kat saw them, she started caring for them right alongside her own kittens. Even the kittens don’t seem to mind their new brothers and sisters. The more the merrier, Kit-Kat seems to think.


The baby squirrels haven’t even opened their eyes yet. One can only wonder what they’ll think of their new family when they do. Will they grow up thinking they’re cats as well? Whether they think they’re cats or squirrels, at least they’ll grow up healthy and strong thanks to mama Kit-Kat!