Who doesn’t love a tiny kitten who just wants to snuggle? It’s like they are born with this incredible magnetic field around them that attracts people – and other animals – to them. Magnetic field, or a cute fuzzy face, either way, you’ve got our undivided attention kittens.

The mama cat in this video clearly understands what we mean. In the beginning, she attempts to resist the sweet kitty. She’s got a very busy day planned and has allotted a strict 10 minutes of snuggle time with the little one this morning. But alas, the kitten cute magnet is too strong and although she tries to slip away to chase away the neighborhood birds … she finds herself smack-dab back in the middle of snuggle time. If you ask us, everyone could stand to set aside the busy tasks of the day for a snuggle sesh every now and then. Don’t worry mama cat, those birds will be there tomorrow.