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Fostering is one of the kindest things we can do for a homeless animal. It offers a furry companion a chance to live a normal life away from the walls of a shelter facility and receive proper training so that they can be ready to jump right into a loving forever home.

What’s more, fostering can help teach animals how best to live with others – both human and non-human alike. Sometimes, these situations don’t turn out quite as planned – with one furry family member remaining indifferent or not-so-friendly toward another. However, at other times, something truly special occurs like in the case of Dalmatians Louie and Lady, who have taken a number of foster kittens under their care.

These two pooches seem to understand what it means to be a guardian by putting up with occasional antics while also offering unconditional love and kindness to their temporary housemates. Louie and Lady don’t hesitate to help those in need; they simply do — a key lesson to learn from our non-human society members.

To see Dalmatians Louie and Lady in action with some foster kittens, check out the videos below!

Kitten plays with Louie’s paw and pounces on Lady

Louie gives and receives kitten kisses

Louie and Lady play with Fluff the foster kitten

Six-week-old foster kitten falls asleep with Louie and Lady