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one green planet

A cat adopting orphaned ducklings? What about Dalmatians adopting foster kittens as their own? Animals showing compassion for one another is truly priceless.

When Brooke’s human brought home four orphaned kittens, the German Shepherd was more than happy to pitch in and help. Brooke was responsible for grooming and toiling while her human made sure they ate nutritious meals.

You might be wondering what two-week-old kittens being cleaned and cuddled by a big German Shepherd looks like. Well, this is your lucky day! Watch Brooke in action caring for the kittens as their own mama cat would have.

Between the amazing efforts of human and canine, Sam (aka Chunky Monkey) the clouded tabby boy, Suzie (aka Little Girl) the clouded tabby girl, Savannah (aka Smokey) the striped tabby girl, and Sky (aka Little Black Mamba) the one sporting black with white front paws and a spot on his chest. At last note, all four affectionate and confident kitties, now grown cats, have found their forever homes!

Image source: Rschwandt /Flikr