Keep your hankies at the ready, Green Monsters, because once you hear this story, you may need ’em. The rescue team from Last Chance Ranch (LCR) Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania was alerted to sixteen horses in need of help.  They described the scene as “by far the worst case of neglect (we have) seen.” Pennsylvania State Police are currently investigating the situation, which occurred on a farm in Bucks County. LCR said, “The volume of animals and the number of dead horses on the property was astounding.”

When LCR rescuers arrived on the scene, it quickly became apparent that five of the most critically ill horses had to be moved to the nearby Quakertown Vet Clinic immediately. A few days later, an additional seven horses, twenty sheep, and one dog were transported to their shelter. Three of the horses were found to have a Henneke Body Condition score of zero, which indicated that they were extremely emaciated. They will need round-the-clock care until their weight goes up. Two horses have a score between one and two, while two others are pregnant. Sadly, the three most emaciated horses who arrived at the shelter were unable to even stand up during the trailer ride and had to be carried into their new barn. LCR praised everyone who assisted in the rescue, saying, “The efforts of the team of staff, volunteers and newly made friends for these horses were amazing. Everyone pulled together to literally carry these stoic horses not giving up their will to live.”

Currently, four horses with a Henneke score between two and three remain at the farm, as they cannot be moved until a snowstorm in the area subsides. However, LCR reassured followers that they “are being fed by those who assisted with the rescue efforts until it is safe enough to transport them.”

Photographs shared by the rescue group reveal just how desperately the horses needed their help.

LCR expressed their gratitude toward Richland Fire Co. for helping to lift one horse named Clarissa. “She is a fighter, with a great will to live,” they said.

The fact that these horses could have ended up in such a dire state is heartbreaking.

Had LCR and other rescue groups not intervened, their hope of survival would have been bleak.



Thankfully, the horses are now safe and warm … but their fight to survive is, by no means, over. LCR said, “(We are) doing everything we can to ensure the animals in our care are receiving the veterinary and nutritional care they need to get them back up to speed. We need everyone’s support, prayers and donations if you can to help these animals pull through.”

The group has set up a fund-raising page called Help Emaciated Horses through the website LoveAnimals. At the time of writing, the appeal has surpassed its goal, with $16,830 pledged! However, additional funds to help provide for the horses’ long-term care are always welcome, so if you’re in a position to help, why not donate today? Let’s hope that Clarissa and the other horses manage to recover from their ordeal … and that they will never have to endure neglect or cruelty at human hands again.

All image source: Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue/Facebook