When her dad went to Novosibirsk District Hospital last year, Masha was his only visitor and waited loyally there every day. Unfortunately, her guardian passed away at the hospital. Masha, however, refuses to leave. Workers at this Siberian hospital say they are hopeful that someone will give her a home.

Anna Vorontsova, one of the nurses there, explains that whenever someone does try to bring Masha home, she just returns to the hospital the first chance she gets. “Just last Friday a local took her in, and she came running back here at three o’clock the next morning,” said Voronstova. “She’s waiting for him, she’s not going anywhere.”

The staff at the hospital make sure that Masha is well taken care of. They ensure that Masha will always have a warm bed, plenty to eat and drink and lots of exercise as long as she chooses to wait at the hospital. Masha’s story and other stories similar to hers are a true depiction of the emotional capabilities dogs possess and seem to be proof that dogs do, in fact, love.