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Dogs can be costly and high maintenance, but they’re still our favorite pets. And in case we forget what all the fuss is about, a story recently emerged that showcases their ceaseless, unconditional devotion to their owners.

Seco, who lives in Brazil, is one of those heroic dogs. When Seco’s owner, a homeless man named Lauri da Costa, was hospitalized after being hit in the face with a rock, the loyal dog waited patiently in the parking lot.

Da Costa’s assault probably saved his life. When treating him, doctors discovered he had melanoma on his face and needed to be operated on immediately. A simple hospital walk-in turned into an eight-day stay. Still, Seco sat in the parking lot waiting for his owner as hospital staff offered food and water.

When Seco finally saw his owner in the hospital courtyard, wheelchair-bound with a bandaged face, he couldn’t contain himself. The overjoyed pooch wagged his tail, jumped up on da Costa’s lap, and licked his face, happy to be reunited at last.

Their reunion could only last a few minutes, as da Costa still needs more time to recover from his surgery. But Seco is still waiting for the sweet day when he and his owner can be together forever. Watch it below.

Lead Image Source: Lisa Cyr/Wikimedia Commons