Throughout history, we have seen humans disagree. Governments are overthrown, wars are waged, and sometimes we get in scuffles just from coexisting in the same space. You would think that putting two completely different species together would cause the same types of problems, but Pikelet, a rescued Pit Bull, and the two abandoned ducklings he is now taking care of, prove just the opposite!

Pikelet, who was saved from death row and has since made amazing strides with his new foster family, is considered a global ambassador for Australian rescue dogs, bully breeds, as well as foster and rescue animals. His compassion even extended beyond his own kind when he found himself in possession of two small ducklings. Much of the public’s skewed perception of Pit Bulls would have you believe that these dogs could never lovingly take care of animals as fragile and delicate as ducklings. But as with many other Pit Bull stereotypes, Pikelet is debunking it!

Pikelet’s Facebook page is riddled with adorable photos of the trio.

Sometimes they’re napping…

Other times they’re hanging outside and soaking in the sun…

They sure do enjoy the occasional road trip.

And sometimes they even attend major events!



Throughout all these instances, though, one thing is clear to see: there is a lot of love between these creatures, and species plays absolutely no part in the matter.

As we have seen time and time again, Pit Bulls are perfectly capable of being gentle and loving animals, and only when they are cruelly trained to be violent do they become violent. Just as all species are capable of barbarity and wickedness, they are equally capable of kindness and compassion. Let Pikelet and his two ducklings serve as an example for everyone that love supersedes everything that can potentially separate us! To see more adorable pictures of these three friends, visit Pikelet’s Facebook page.

Image Source: Life of Pikelet/Facebook