There is really nothing cuter than a puppy in the window of a pet shop. They put their little paws on the glass and stare at you like they just need you to take them home with you. It can be incredibly tempting to purchase one of these little fluffballs, but what if we told you that most pet story pups are the product of cruel puppy mills. 

Puppy mills are large-scale dog breeding facilities that treat these animals as nothing more than commodities. Breeding dogs in puppy mills spend their entire lives confined to a small, and often filthy, cage, deprived of even their most basic necessities. Life in these facilities are filled with nothing but fear and pain for these dogs, but luckily there are many organizations working to put an end to this industry.


The Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) was recently tipped off about a puppy mill in Mississippi and contacted Tate County Sheriff Department to take action. Upon arrival, the puppy mill was a chaotic sight, with some animals found confined in cages and others running around on the property unsupervised. Among dogs, they also found cats, chickens, turkeys, parrots, rabbits and one donkey, all of which had been kept without proper food, water or shelter. Many of the animals were contaminated with parasites, fleas, ticks and worms and some were in critical condition. Sadly, the Sherrif Department also discovered animal remains, further proof of the horrific neglect these animals faced.  As ARC President Scotlund Haisley stated, “These animals have endured extreme suffering for a very, very long time. These animals didn’t have a minute to spare. They were not surviving here, they were dying here.” But this horrible existence was put to an end thanks to the incredible rescue team from ARC.

This spirited pup is one of the 200 animals rescued from the puppy mill, as you can see … he sure looks happy to be free!


This isn’t the first time that the whereabouts of a puppy mill has been busted before, and unfortunately, it will probably not be the last. These facilities are one the grimmest, most inhumane operations, and the way they are run is devastating to the animals. Similar to factory farms, puppy mills provide poor nutrition, forced breeding, and crowded, filthy conditions for the animals to live in.

Fortunately, these 200 animals were transported to a nearby clinic and given treatment and vaccinations. After legal custody for the animals is sorted out, they will be transferred to shelters and rescue organizations where they will then be placed into loving homes. The discovery of this puppy mill is simply another reminder to always adopt and not shop! Although it can be tempting to bring an animal home from a pet store, doing so will only perpetuate the problem of puppy mills. Adopting is a much better option to ensure that other dogs like this fortunate one, never have to endure the same horrors.


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All image source: ARC/Facebook