Life for puppies in pet stores might seem like a dream to consumers. These dogs always look so thrilled and eager to greet any new person who so much as glances at them, and they’re undeniably cute and fuzzy. Unfortunately, the life that these pups and their parents have to endure before reaching that polished little window display is quite the opposite.

Despite the fact that around 8 million perfectly adoptable animals are brought into shelters every year, consumers continue to believe that the best way to get a family pet is to purchase one from a pet shop. Due to the demand of trend and “pure-bred” dogs, the puppy business has become a full-fledged industry. Most puppies up for sale in stores are the product of puppy mills, large-scale breeding facilities where dogs are treated like vending machines. Breeding adults are kept in small cages their entire lives, deprived of their most basic needs and proper care. The majority of these dogs will never know what grass feels like, let alone what kindness is. Once a litter of pups is born, they’re quickly shipped off to stores and their parents are left to repeat the cycle fueled by the profits from their offspring.


Of course, as animal lovers, the idea that any dog would have to live this sort of life is heartbreaking. Thankfully, there are many groups working to raise awareness for the true cost of pet store puppies and rescue dogs from deplorable mills. Recently, National Mill Dog Rescue successfully saved 45 dogs from puppy mills across the Midwest.

Life in a puppy mill is really no life at all for a dog.

Most are never socialized with humans and living with limited food and space often makes them territorial.

But with every rescue, there is a clear turning point where all fear and aggression these dogs have built up as a result of their situation starts to melt away.

Regardless of the abuse they might have experienced, they eventually learn what it means to be loved.

All 45 dogs are now living at National Mill Dog Rescue’s facility in Colorado. They’re getting all the medical treatment and attention they need to adjust to life outside of a cage.

It’s amazing how just a little kindness can completely transform a pup.

We have no doubt this little one will make a great forever friend for someone special.

As they say, “Saving one dog might not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”


It warms our hearts to know that 45 more dogs will finally learn what it means to … well, be a dog, and get to enjoy all the love and fun that comes with it! We can all help put an end to puppy mills by always adopting and not shopping for a pet.

To follow the journey of these pups, like National Mill Dog Rescue’s Facebook page.


All image source: National Mill Dog Rescue/Facebook