Finally a pet-store that is doing things right! +Kota, the largest pet store chain in Mexico, doesn’t sell pure bred puppies in its stores. Instead, they are battling the world’s homeless pet problem by coordinating with dog shelters in Mexico to make the adoption process that much easier for prospective pet parents. But with a limited budget, +Kota was struggling to spread the word about its awesome program.

Luckily, some clever animal-lovers came up with an amazing idea to let people see some of +Kota’s adorable adoptables. Mexican residents walking around several different parks couldn’t help but smile when “guardian-less” dogs walked by, leash, harness and all.

What happened if they were interested in adopting one of these dogs? Easy! Each dog had a booklet of “Adoptame” tear-away sheets with +Kota’s adoption information. This campaign allowed people to literally step into the role of leash-holder and companion, and they did! The invisible guardian campaign was a success and 221 dogs found happy homes in the two months following.