LOL hoomans! It seems like every day they are looking for a new reason to eat a certain way, or they’re trying even harder to find a reason NOT to eat a certain way. Like geeezzzz, Louise!

But for all the time that people spend thinking about what they’re going to eat … they rarely stop to think about what impact their food choices have on the world around them! It seems like a new study telling humans that their love for meat and dairy is KILLING the planet comes out every other day. I’m a dog, and even I did the math here, and it makes total sense. Why would someone grow tons of food that they can eat only to feed it to another creature and then eventually eat them! It’s a little bit round about if you ask me. But regardless of the fact that hoomans can cut their carbon pawprints in half, save over 162,486 gallons of water a year, AND redirect enough grain to feed 1.4 billion people by simply choosing to eat more plants … they old “but I CAN’T live without bacon” line seems to trump this incredible positive impact every time.

I mean, I am obsessed with sweet potatoes (in case you haven’t noticed … hint, hint), but if I knew that eating them was destroying the planet, harming animals, AND making it, so other dogs didn’t have enough food, I would drop them like I drop things that my parents ask me too.

So even though there is all this science that CLEARLY shows eating bacon is bad for the planet … when people heard that a single study came out stating that eating lettuce is WORSE for the environment than bacon, they freaked out like a cat chasing that dang elusive red dot.

It was like they were all just waiting to find one single reason to justify the ridiculous claim that they literally cannot live without bacon (like, literally), and this was their shot … but then something pretty incredible happened.

Some smart humans took a look at this nonsense and quickly spotted the flaw in the bacon lovers’ logic … lettuce is only worse if you compare on a calorie-to-calorie basis. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that bacon is waaaaaayyyyy higher in calories than lettuce, so technically … it would take eating an entire head of lettuce to get even close to the calorie content of two strips of bacon.

No hooman in their right mind would honestly attempt to replace all the calories that they intake from eating bacon with that much lettuce … it’s hard enough to get them to eat the recommended daily serving of vegetables as is! According to Emily Cassidy and Dawn Undurraga from the Environmental Working Group, if you compare by weight, pork accounts for six times more greenhouse gas emissions than lettuce.

So sorry bacon and cheeseburger lovers, but you still aren’t gonna win this one!




BUT if after seeing the failings of this study, you are inspired to eat maybe a few more vegetables and a lot less bacon, check out the amazing 5,000+ recipes right here on One Green Planet! To learn more about how you can use your food choices for good, join the #EatForThePlanet campaign.

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