Some Green Monsters might recall when we reported on the shocking story of Kayla, a puppy who was subjected to one of the most dreadful cases of abuse that Hope for Paws – the rescue organization who helped her – had ever seen. Her right eye and left front paw had been cruelly removed, and she was also suffering from a dangerous tick disease. Vets had a tough fight on their hands to try and save her.

In spite of all that she had been through, however, this adorable girl never stopped expressing her appreciation to all those who were trying to help her. She continued to wag her tail and lick her carers’ fingers, even as they examined her.


Luckily, the surgery was a success, and Kayla pulled through, against all odds. And now, we have some great news to report: Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, recently uploaded a heartwarming series of photographs to Flickr, demonstrating beyond all doubt that this spunky pooch has regained her zest for life. You can’t keep a strong woman down!

Kayla loves to play to her heart’s content and explore her surroundings …

… while looking as cute as can be!

She is one photogenic gal.

She never lets anything prevent her from living life to the full.

Like many other three-legged and sight-impaired dogs before her, this plucky pup is determined to relish every experience that comes her way.


Eldad said, “The medical and mental part of Kayla’s rescue is over … she is healthy, happy, and ready for her amazing life ahead.” He added, “Kayla is now with her foster mom, Lisa Ashe, and if you would like to adopt her, please contact her directly: [email protected].” Let’s hope she finds her forever home very soon!

To learn more about the absolutely incredible work of Hope for Paws, and the wonderful rescues they carry out, visit their website or Facebook page. You can make a donation here.


All image source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr