As animal lovers, there is nothing that we love more than a story where kind people come to the rescue of animals in need. This video from Animal Aid Unlimited rescue is certainly one of these stories.

In India, there is a large population of homeless dogs who live on the streets and are occasionally looked after by people. Some people look upon these struggling animals with compassion and offer then scraps of food or take on the partial responsibility of caring for the animals, however, there are others who see these stray pups as a nuisance. Unfortunately, the sweet pooch in this video had an encounter with the latter and found herself trapped in a thorny bramble with no food, water or hope for escape.

Thankfully, rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were notified of the dog’s situation and set out to lend a hand. It was clear that the pup needed intensive care, so they rolled up their sleeves and brought her back to their shelter for a round of IV fluids. Being that the dog is now blind, her rescuers decided she would live in the shelter indefinitely so that she’ll never have to know the suffering of living on the streets again!

Enjoy your new life, pup!