As animal lovers, it can be absolutely heartbreaking to hear news about cruel people abusing animals. While we might be able to fathom how any human being could harm an animal, the reality is that animals are subjected to horrific forms of abuse every day. The good news, however, is that for every human that is doing something terrible to animals – there are many more who are doing amazing things. Just take the story of Eldad Hagar and Kayla the puppy for example.

Eldad Hagar the founder of Hope For Paws recently rescued Kayla, a spunky little pup that has suffered through one of the worst cases of abuse that we have ever seen. The pictures below are graphic, but it’s important that we look at them to understand the severity of the situation.


This is Kayla. She was found after someone cut off her leg with a knife and gouged her eye out.

Everyone at Hope For Paws is used to caring for injured animals, but even they were taken aback at the depravity of this act.

Kayla also had Ehrlichia (which is a dangerous tick disease) and a ton of intestinal parasites on top of her injuries. The vets needed to work fast to save her.

Kayla was treated right away. Despite the pain and the recent trauma, she was still wagging her tail and licking people’s fingers!

They were hoping to get Kayla into surgery right away, but her injuries and the infections made her unstable. She had to recover for a few days first.

Kayla isn’t even a full grown adult yet. What a rough start for a puppy…

The surgery was a resounding success! While Kayla only has three legs know, we have no doubt that she will be able to live a healthy and happy life anyway.

Even through all that, Kayla remains a smart, loveable dog that loves to give kisses to humans!

While we are heartbroken to know that this puppy had to experience such pain, we can take solace in the fact that she couldn’t be in better hands!

It might have been difficult to read what happened to Kayla, but stories like these are important because they help reignite our convictions and stir us to greater action. If Kayla’s story touched you, please take a look at Hope For Paw’s website and send a donation if you feel so inclined. Even better, consider adopting a rescue animal like Kayla. Every second of love you give them goes to mending their broken hearts.

All image source: Hope for Paws/Flickr