Have you ever had your dog get off leash? It happens to the best of us. Most of the time, we simply get the dog back on the leash. But, in Betty the Mastiff’s case, she got off leash, scampered ahead and was shot in the head by a Brink security officer. What’s most disturbing of all, in this case, is that Betty wasn’t even walking towards the security officer when they shot her.

The whole thing was caught on tape but you may not want to watch it. There’s something particularly gross about shooting a dog. The feeling is akin to seeing and hearing about violence against children, it evokes an indescribable feeling deep down.

Thankfully, Betty survived the gunshot. However, she still needs justice. According to a petitioner on Care2, the San Fransisco Police Department are trying to brush this off to Animal Control, which all but guarantees that Betty won’t get justice. The reality is that a human being used a gun to shoot an innocent dog and that person should face consequences. Fear/nervousness doesn’t excuse a bullet to the head.

Please sign the petition and stand up for Betty. Too many dogs suffer from gun violence due to societal norms that say people are justified to fire their guns for even the slightest perceived threat. We must say no to this and demand accountability for ourselves and on behalf of our animals. The San Fransisco Police Department needs to know that the world is watching and Brink Security needs to train its employees how to deal with dogs so something like this never happens again.

Image source: Care2