Jennifer LeMay and her family were on a camping trip in Wisconsin when her two teenage daughters drove back home to Minneapolis before she did. One of them accidentally triggered the house alarm, and although the security company was notified and the alarm was turned off, police officers still arrived at the residence. What happened next was a shocking violent tragedy.

The LeMays’ two dogs, Rocko and Ciroc, both Staffordshire Terriers, were mercilessly shot by Officer Michael Mays in their own backyard. Mays claimed the dogs charged at him when he entered the yard, but the home’s security camera footage proved otherwise. The dogs were in no way lunging or posing a threat to the officer, and one was actually wagging his tail.

Ciroc was shot in the jaw, and Rocko has wounds on his side, face, and shoulder. Thankfully, both are back home now, but Ciroc is scheduled for surgery that could run from $5,000 to $7,000, LeMay said. Thankfully, the LeMays have received a tremendous amount of emotional and financial support from people who heard their story, but this should have never happened.

petition on Care2 addressed to Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau is asking for Officer Mays to be fired and demanding that all officers receive training on how to properly interact with dogs and other animals while on the job. If you would like to see justice served for Rocko and Ciroc, please take a moment to sign this petition.

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Image Source: Courtney Pedroza / Star Tribune