There’s no hiding it…we LOVE internet cats. While our real-life feline friends are nothing short of awesome, there’s something about a cat meme or gif that keeps us laughing for days on end. Since these comical kitties know they have our attention, they are taking a break from being hilarious to share a message we all need to hear.

Across the world, big cats are vanishing. Poached for their beautiful fur, killed as trophy prizes, and pushed off their lands thanks to deforestation, time for big cats is running out. Seeing as when it comes to browsing the web for cat videos, humans have nothing but time – why don’t you use your pro-cat-stination time today to do some good for cats.


Share this video and check out Care for the Wild’s CatAid page to learn more about the magnificent big cats that need our help. All it takes is a few minutes, a few laughs, and the chance to do some good for lions, tigers, leopards, and all the other endangered cats in the world…the most productive cat video you watch all week, huh?