Summer is here and it can get pretty hot outside, especially if you’re living in Tampa, Fla. But, thankfully, the big cats residing at Big Cat Rescue know how to cool off. They sit in the shade, take naps in cool dens, and go for a swim in the pools. They also get to cool down with big cat popsicles!


As part of Big Cat Rescue’s enrichment program, these cats get to escape the summer heat with popsicle treats, like Bloodsicles, Sardini Martini, and Poultry Pops. The ingredients for the treats are simple, blood and water, sardines and water, raw chicken and water. Then, freeze. Doesn’t sound so appetizing, does it? But it sure is enjoyable for the big cats at the rescue.


From yogurt cup-sized popsicles to 5 gallon bucket-sized popsicles, there’s a favorite popsicle for the over 100 cats residing at Big Cat Rescue. Watch in the video above as each cat enjoys his or her summer treat!