First and foremost, let’s clear one important point. Cats are obligate carnivores and need nutrients that are found only in meat. This article is not about feeding your cat a vegan diet, your cat wanting to go vegan, or convincing your cat to turn vegan. Now that we got that important information out of the way, let’s use our imagination…

Imagine your cuddly friend’s opinions during one of their lazy Sunday afternoons as they muse on about their vegan lifestyle or the merits of one. Would it look something like this? Maybe you’re like me and imagine your cat has a British accent and a monocle and insists his goal in life is to prevent you from working and subject you to a life of servitude (I know it’s his secret end goal). So, if your cat’s thinking about vegan eating, let’s take a look at what it might be thinking:

Business Cat Agrees

If Cats Were Vegan (Memes)

Vegan cheeses are awesome. They are healthy and delicious without the additives and fat. Try some of these to get some more inspiration!


Grumpy Cat Strikes Again

If Cats Were Vegan (Memes)

Ever been to a party and there’s nothing you can safely eat without risking your dietary choices? Grumpy cat understands completely. Next time you head to a dinner party, be a great guest and bring something with you like this Vegan Pesto Lasagna.


First World Cat vs. Soy

If Cats Were Vegan (Memes)

Sometimes, those sales are great bargains if you’re buying instead of making your own dairy-free milk. Poor first world cat gets you. Try making some oat or nut milk instead of soy to forget the savings missed and replace them with yummy homemade options.


I Brought Dinner!

If Cats Were Vegan (Memes)

Finding take out can be a bit of a problem if you’re on a plant-based diet. Thankfully, these days, there are a ton of helpful websites to help you find vegan and vegetarian options in your neck of the woods. I recommend or for searches in your area.


Mice are Friends, Not Food

If Cats Were Vegan (Memes)

Just like how vegans/vegetarians don’t eat animals, neither does this little guy. Granted, he may not like them climbing all over him, but at least he’s sparing a few precious little lives. Here are 5 reasons to spare animals from death for our own food purposes.


Grumpy Cat

If Cats Were Vegan (Memes)

OK, I couldn’t resist throwing in Grumpy Cat one more time. I mean, look at that face. Not everyone shares his dark side, but whatever it takes to keep up the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, right? Here are 10 really good reasons to eat vegan even if you don’t share Grumpy Cat’s hatred toward plants.

Lead image source: Chzbgr