Pit Bulls have gotten the unfair reputation of being violent dogs. In shelters, they are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized and they are subjected to the horrors of the dog fighting industries by cruel humans. If that wasn’t enough, several cities have worked hard to enforce breed-specific legislation (BSL), which essentially makes it illegal for people to keep Pit Bulls and other bully breeds as pets. Not only is this a waste of money, but it has also been proven that BSL doesn’t work to prevent dog bites. As animal lovers, we know that just like any other dog, Put Bulls in the right environment are loving, loyal animals who will go above and beyond to make their guardians happy. In fact, according to the American Temperament Testing Society, Inc., the American Pit Bull Terriers achieved a score of 86.8 percent in a temperament test, which is better than Collies, Golden Retrievers, and Beagles.

There are also some shining examples of gold star-worthy Pit Bulls in popular culture. Petey, the Pit Bull with the signature ring around his eye from the 1920s silent short films The Little Rascals, was a trusted companion to a gang trouble making children. Wherever they went, Petey went, and they never had a problem with sudden outbursts of monstrous violence. In Flashdance, Alex finds emotional support and a constant friend in Grunt, her big brown Pit Bull. And let’s not forget Champion, the “half amazing, half terrific” three-legged Pit Bull mix in NBC’s Parks and Recreation — nope, he never mauled anybody. There are also plenty of Instagrams out there run by proud Pit Bull guardians that help show how wonderful these dogs really are. The photos below come from Instagram user murphyandsissy, who posts daily photos of her adopted Pit Bulls and their human sibling, Maddox — and oh, are they cute.


Contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls can be very sweet. One of Sissy’s favorite pastimes is hanging out with Maddox.

Murphy also likes to spend some quality time with his favorite human.

Still think Pit Bulls are scary? They were once called “nanny dogs” due to their loyalty and gentleness around children.

The gang’s all here!

Nothing about this squishy duo looks dangerous.

Got those warm and fuzzy feels yet? Yes, us too.

Doggie nose boops are pretty much the cure for everything!



These photos just go to show you what amazing family dogs Pit Bulls can be. But like all dogs, Pit Bulls need a responsible guardian to teach them the ropes of living in a house, especially one with little kids. It is also important to emphasize the fact that all parents should supervise their children when they are interacting with dogs. To learn more about how you can help teach your kids and pups to behave around one another, click here. 

If you’re considering welcoming a dog into your life, remember to always adopt and never shop! For more from Murphy and Sissy, check out their Instagram here. 


All image source: murphyandsissy/Instagram