Prepare yourself to meet perhaps the cutest puppy you have even seen. Pogo, a tiny cream-colored pup who was recently rescued by the Guardians of the Voiceless, is in every way a perfect little fellow – it’s really difficult to resist the urge to adopt him once you see him. Sadly, he has already faced many troubles his short life.

The Guardians learned about little Pogo after receiving a call from a concerned local who spotted a street a puppy with a wound on his neck. To make the matters even worse, the wound already looked infected…


When the rescuers got to Pogo, they found that his neck had several holes in it, each of them infested with maggots. It was clear that the puppy was in a lot of pain and discomfort…

Fortunately, the team was informed about the poor pup before the wounds had the chance to get any worse, which, in the great heat, does not take long at all.

Because of how tiny Pogo is, the Guardians had to be extra careful while treating his wounds and giving him all necessary medication. But the puppy turned out to be quite a little hero – he was patient and calm and did not even cry once!

After five days of follow-up treatment, Pogo is already doing much better – he is now certainly well on his way to making a full recovery!

During the treatment, the Guardians even found a little helper who was eager to lend a hand with the sweet puppy. Thanks to Pogo and the wonderful team treating the dog, he already knows the importance of helping and respecting all living creatures, big or small.

Pogo also has a number of siblings and a mom taking care of them – the Guardians now hope to find each of them a loving forever home!


Because of the early intervention from a good soul who contacted the rescuers and the dedication of the team, Pogo will soon be healthy and ready to resume his life as a careless baby dog. Hopefully, he will have a chance to do so in the warmth of a real home!

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All image source: Guardians of the Voiceless/Facebook