Soi Dog Foundation is a non-profit organization in Phuket, Thailand that is dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats from the streets. In doing so, they aim to improve living conditions for both humans and animals while putting an end to animal cruelty and animal homelessness.

One of their recent success stories involves a sweet homeless dog who they named Shiver. They named him this because when they found him abandoned on the roadside, he had no fur and was always shivering from being cold. As the above video shows, he was nothing but raw skin and bones when he first arrived at Soi Dog Foundation, and his chances of survival looked bleak. However, thanks to the dedication of the Soi Dog team and generous donations from members of their Emergency Response Team, Shiver now looks like a completely brand new dog!

Shiver’s rescue and rehabilitation story is certainly impressive, and his smiling face proves how grateful he is to be alive. If you would like to help the Soi Dog Foundation carry out their admirable mission, please considering making a donation to them. You can view their current rescues and choose your favorite dog to sponsor on their website.

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