Hope for Paws is an organization based in Los Angeles that is dedicated to saving stray and homeless animals. and if you’re an avid One Green Planet reader, you already know this rescue team will stop at nothing to save an animal’s life. For instance, Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar recently dug into an 18-foot cave without any hesitation to save nine homeless puppies, all of which was captured on video.

When Hope for Paws got a call on their urgent line about a dog gravely needing help, it’s no surprise they quickly sprung into action. After a two hour drive, Loreta Frankonyte and Hope for Paws‘ founder Eldad Hagar found the dog in need. Even as seasoned rescuers, they said the dog’s condition was one of the saddest they had ever seen.

The dog, now named Alice, was filthy, starved, suffering from matted fur and was covered in ticks and fleas. 

Alice consumed some kind of chemical that burned her mouth, so when Hope for Paws found this poor girl, her mouth was rotting away. 

The pup was clearly in desperate need of medical attention so she was rushed back to their organization’s hospital. 

Hope for Paws has been busy removing all of the fleas and ticks, as well as most of Alice’s teeth, and handling her infections. Loretta also groomed Alice’s matted fur – she doesn’t even look like the same dog! 



Hope for Paws notes that they will post updates on Alice frequently on their Facebook page. We are so thankful to know Alice is in the right hands and is getting the help she needs. Now, this sweet dog can put her traumatic past behind her and start a new life.

This rescue wouldn’t have been possible if the good samaritan didn’t call Hope for Paws. If you see an animal in need, don’t hesitate to speak up! Here is a list of animal rescue hotlines to keep handy. To learn more about Hope for Paws and the amazing work they do for our furry friends, click here.

Image source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr