Every day hundreds of dogs are funneled into U.S. shelters in need of a good home, a little love, and care. Although there is no denying that there are many people who are willing to adopt pets from shelters, the sad reality is that the sheer volume of animals in need never seems to match the number of available forever homes. Many shelters that are strapped for space and funds have to resort to putting perfectly adoptable animals down.

Talmadge, the sweet German Shepherd, was slotted for euthanasia in an animal control center in San Diego after being brought in exhibiting “anti-social” behavior.



The poor pup was so scared of his new surroundings that he holed up in a corner of the kennel and refused to interact with animal control staff. Unfortunately, many dogs are put down for this behavior without ever getting the chance to show their true personalities. However, Talmadge’s fate changed when Imgur user scelesti posted his photo with a call for help. He was scheduled to be put down in a few days, and while scelesti wasn’t sure that they would be able to get help for the pup, they had to try.

In a stroke of amazing luck, the post reached the kind people at Second Chance Dog Rescue in San Diego, and they immediately set to work arranging to have the pup transferred to their shelter where they would help get him a foster home.

In no time at all, they got him set up with a foster family and posted an update on their page:

“Talmadge has left the building. He is safe in a warm bed tonight with lots of love and plenty to eat.” 

“Foster mom says he is not showing signs of fear and is coming to her on his own.” 



It’s truly incredible what a little love and a safe home can do to transform a scared animal. Many adopters discount dogs who aren’t as friendly or outgoing in a shelter environment, but like humans, dogs have different personalities and respond to change in a variety of ways. We hope that Talmadge continues to adjust in his foster home and finds a loving family soon!

All image source: Imgur