Prepare to smile, Green Monsters, because this story is sure to lift your hearts! The ten pictures below detail the stunning transformation of a young street dog – named Kelsey by her rescuers – who, thanks to their love and care, managed to recover her natural joie de vivre! When found, she was starving and suffering from a painful skin infection … but it wasn’t long before she turned it all around. Along the way – as dogs often do – she stole the hearts of every human who had the good fortune to come into contact with her.

This beautiful girl was found wandering on an old bridge: tired, hungry, and in a terrible condition.

After her rescue, Kelsey was very nervous about being in a car for the first time.

For this vet, it was love at first sight!

At the start of her treatment, Kelsey was weak and terrified.

In spite of all she had been through, however, she still had the eyes of an angel.

As her recovery progressed, Kelsey started to express an interest in making friends with other dogs. 

She captured the heart of every human she met too!

Little by little, Kelsey began to recover her strength.

Before long, she was one happy girl…

… and here she is today, safe and happy in the arms of her loving human.



While the worldwide stray dog crisis shows little sign of abating any time soon, it is always wonderful to hear about success stories such as Kelsey’s. The people like her rescuers who devote their entire lives, day in and day out, to saving and rehabilitating homeless animals deserve to be lauded as the heroes they are! Let’s hope that Kelsey continues to lead the amazing life she deserves from here on out.

All image source: AcidCow