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As any animal lover will tell you, the fur industry is one of the cruelest imaginable. Each year an estimated one billion animals are bred, raised, and killed on fur farms around the world for their pelts. Once in processing facilities, they are kept in wire cages until they face death through a variety of means, all of which are chosen to avoid damaging the animal’s valuable fur, including gas chambers and neck breaking.

And now we have even more insight into the cruel fur industry… Animal Defenders International (ADI) recently released a short film titled “A LIFETIME” that tells the story of two foxes, brothers Borys and Eryk, born and killed on a Polish fur farm. According to ADI, Poland is the fourth largest producer of fox fur in the world and almost all of the fur is exported, with the United States being one of the biggest importers.

ADI placed hidden cameras on the farm to capture this rare footage. In the short film, the brothers, including a sister named Aleska, are followed from birth, where viewers can witness them take their first steps and nurse from their mother. Their whole world is a small wire cage.

As the cubs grow and their fur becomes a think white coat, their time is numbered. At less than seven months of age, the brothers are dragged from their cage, where they desperately try to run away from the farmer. Borys and Eryk are electrocuted and their bodies were thrown on a cart to be skinned. All while Aleska watched from the wire cage.

There is no true humane way to care for or kill thousands of animals at a time (or to kill animals at all, really). Although they may claim to care for the animals in their care, fur farms are mere businesses that view their animals as commodities. Animal welfare, more often than not, takes a backseat as fur farms – like any business – will always attempt to maximize their profits while cutting costs and labor. When dealing with animals, this often means worse conditions and incredibly cruel treatment – regardless of the industry.

Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves if we really need to wear fur; unlike the animals who are brutally slaughtered to produce our fur hats, coats, and shawls, we do not need fur. Please always choose fur-free clothing when shopping. Check out all of these awesome companies that have chosen to commit to going fur-free in their designs.

For more information on ADI, visit their website. And please share this article with friends and family. We must always continue to speak up for the voiceless.