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The experience of animals living in fur farms is miserable to say the least. Animals spend their lives trapped in tiny wire cages, only to be brought to an untimely death, then skinned for their fur, which is sold to high-end retailers across the world.

Because fur has become such a normalized part of society, most people do not even associate plush coats and jacket linings with the animals from which they came from. This video shows the other side of the fur industry – the animal side.

This little mink featured was rescued from a fur farm and is now able to live a happy life in the care of a human who appreciates the intrinsic value of these happy animals, rather than his potential market value. What you may not know is that mink are semi-aquatic animals who love to swim. Check out the sheer joy this rescued mink finally gets to experience thanks to the kind people who made his freedom possible.

Maybe if everyone saw the animals behind the fur industry, they would think twice about their fashion choices.