We have some great news to share! The U.S. House recently voted to defund painful laboratory tests on dogs!

Say hello to the Brat Amendment and the PUPPERS Act. Introduced by Rep. Dave Brat, the Brat Amendment is a bipartisan amendment to the Making America Secure Appropriations Act of 2018 that passed the House floor unanimously. What’s exciting about this is it prohibits the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from using funds for any medical experiments on dogs that cause significant pain or harm. According to Rep. Brat’s website, “there are four remaining VA facilities with dog testing laboratories, including the lab in the Richmond VA Medical Center.”

In his floor speech, Rep. Brat explained: “The experiments being conducted at the at the McGuire VA hospital in Richmond are horrific and inhumane. Alternative and kinder medical testing methods exist that do not require hurting and killing puppies. My family had a Doberman and he was part of our family. I cannot imagine conducting these types of tests on man’s best friend.”

Rep. Brat brings up a wonderful point. How can we claim to love dogs if we allow our taxpayer dollars to pay for torturing them? This is cognitive dissonance wherein we do things that are hypocritical without consciously recognizing or understanding them as such. This new act is a direct confrontation of this social phenomena, and also a powerful showing of compassion — one of many future ones, we can hope.

“These Dog testing experiments at the VA are consuming limited taxpayer dollars, medical staff time, and office space that could be better utilized to deliver health care for veterans. The VA’s first priority should be caring for our veterans, not harming man’s best friend,” said Rep. Brat. We couldn’t agree more!

Take action today and let your congressperson know that you support actions to defund the VA’s animal testing — including forced heart attack experiments on hound puppies, invasive brain experiments on beagles, and other abuses. No animal should have to suffer when viable alternatives exist!

Image source: Little Red on tour/Shutterstock