Seeing an animal we believe to be nocturnal during the day can throw us for a loop. It may seem like such animals never leave their dens during the day – but the reality is different. Coventry Wildlife Rescue shared some helpful information about what to do if you ever see a fox or a raccoon in the light of day and wonder if they need help.

The rescue emphasizes an important fact that many of us do not know: raccoons and foxes do wander around during the day and seeing them in this context “means no more than seeing a human out at night!”

Coventry Wildlife Rescue/Facebook


Some animals generally considered to be nocturnal simply take advantage of the foods that are available to them during the day. Seeing them in daylight does not need to raise our concern – if the animal is active and in no way injured, they will be alright on their own. If the animal is wounded or appears to be acting abnormally, stumbling or frothing at the mouth, keep your distance and call Animal Control right away. As with all wildlife, it is always best to leave the animals undisturbed and NOT to feed them, even if they look perfectly normal. Human intervention, however well-meaning it may be, can cause animals to lose their fear of people or become dependent on them for food, which could end poorly if the animal comes across a person who is not so eager to make wild friends.

Many of us share our neighborhoods with wild animals so it is vitally important we learn how to properly interact with them to keep all parties safe! For more tips on how to do this, click here. 

To learn more about Coventry Wildlife Rescue, click here.

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