Raccoons often get a bad rep for going through our trash in search of food, but these adaptable little animals don’t deserve it. Just think of them as trash pandas — everyone loves pandas, right? Like any of us, raccoons are just trying to live their lives in this (sometimes) crazy world and unfortunately, they often find themselves in tricky situations.

The poor raccoon in this story somehow managed to get his head trapped between one of the grates of a sewer drain. It’s likely that he had been trying to crawl from the sewers and severely underestimated how small of a space he could fit through. Luckily, this most perplexing situation found the right people: the Northhampton Police Department in Massachusetts, who, in turn, passed the buck to the local animal control officer. Thank goodness, because we can’t imagine how long this poor baby would have survived like this.


This raccoon was found on the grounds of a medical center. Our first question is “how?” and our second is “how on earth did they get him out of this?”

At a loss for what to do, the Northhampton Police Department placed a call to the local animal control officer, who busted out the cooking oil and greased up that trapped raccoon real good.

… And it worked! One look at the raccoon’s face and you can tell he truly understands the meaning of sweet freedom.



We don’t know where he went from here, but we’d like to imagine that this little guy was given a thorough examination before being allowed to roam free again. Hopefully, this raccoon won’t try to squeeze through any sewer covers again anytime soon, but if he does, we hope that he can depend on the same animal control officer to lend him a hand.

If you ever come across a wild animal in need of help, please contact your local animal rescue hotline.


Lead image source: Northhampton Police Department/Facebook