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one green planet

Okay, so it’s pretty clear that humans have no idea how their food gets on their plates. Not like literally, they totally what happened in the process of cooking and putting stuff on a plate and all, but they don’t know what had to happen to their food in order for it to be, well something that they eat.

This is especially the case for meat, eggs, and dairy. All of these foods come from animals, but hoomans don’t like to think about that so much. For some reason they’re cool with eating a chicken, but not so cool with knowing that their tenders were a chicken. Baffling.

But when I actually think about the really crazy, cruel things that are done to animals in the agriculture industry, I thank my lucky stars I am a dog! Like seriously, I just heard the news that Germany banned the process of shredding baby chicks for egg production. At first I was all, oh that’s nice, good for them! Then I thought about it and was like…

Wait … why on Earth would that EVER be a thing that needed to be banned?!



Well, apparently, when people pick chickens for the egg industry, they hatch a whole bunch of eggs and separate out the males from the females. The female chicks get picked because they’ll grow up to lay more eggs, but the male chicks won’t make eggs so they’re not just tossed out … THEY’RE TOSSED INTO A SHREDDING MACHINE!

These precious little babies … tossed in a shredder!!?

Wikimedia Commons


Jeez louise, for a food that most people think is “cruelty-free,” the egg industry is pretty twisted. While I can’t understand why this process ever started, I CAN understand why Germany would want it banned. Now what are you waiting for, U.S.?! 

Lead image source: WiseGeek