We can all agree that there is nothing better than a cat video. OMG they’re so cute! With YouTube at our fingertips and a nearly endless supply of downtime (outside of the office – of course), our taste for cuteness has gotten exotic.  Watching all of these furry Adonis’ parade across the internet always makes us think – I want to cuddle with him (or her) all the time. However, some animals should be left in the wild – or on YouTube. And while having a pig a few chickens may sound like fun, many underestimate the infrastructure and time required to care for some of the more exotic pets that are becoming popular. Plainly stated: not all animals can, or should, be pets.

Take Flappy, a baby duckling who was rescued by  Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary after his family realized they couldn’t take care of him. Here is Flappy’s story:


At two weeks old, Flappy was purchased by a child for $12.50.

Flappy’s curious chirps gave away the fact that the child had brought home a stowaway. Knowing that they were incapable of caring for him, they contacted Edgar’s Mission.

Edgar’s Mission came to the rescue and took Flappy in. They provided him with all of the amenities the family was unable to.

Though Flappy has no feathered family to keep him company right now, his human companions give him plenty of attention.

Flappy was fortunate. Soon he will be released into their waterbird habitat where he will spread his wings and fly with his fellow ducks.

However, most unwanted ducks are not as fortunate as Flappy and are dumped in local wetlands – or far worse places.

You can help stop the problem at its roots by adopting your furry (or feathered) friends and support Edgar’s Mission by donating on their website.

In the words of Edgar’s Mission: “So when next time you ponder the question, ‘How much is that doggie (or cute duckie) in the window?’, please consider this: The price they pay for being there is simply too much.” 

To learn more about this awesome sanctuary, visit their website here.

All image source: Edgar’s Mission