For many people, it is easy to disconnect from the reality of what meat actually is. While we all know that animals like chickens, cows, and pigs are bred and slaughtered to produce meat, when we go to the grocery store, all we see is an airtight, sealed package. In this way, we can forget the process that made that package of burgers possible and only see the “food” that results.

But, when you take a step back and think of the animals behind the food, it becomes much harder to blindly purchase and consume meat. Suddenly, your burger isn’t a something … it’s a someone, an experience that doesn’t sit well with many people. The little girl in this video, Indie-Rose, just made the connection between the animals she loves and cherishes and the meat on her plate.

After helping her dad prepare turkey for dinner, she was horrified to learn what has to happen to these animals to turn them into food. She doesn’t see animals like cows, pigs, or chickens as being any different from a horse and can’t understand why people would harm animals so that they can eat them.

She might only be five years old, but her conviction to help animals is enough to inspire her to go vegetarian on the spot. Her mom tells the Mirror that Indie-Rose has been vegetarian ever since, and even has instated a house ban on killing bugs! We could all stand to learn an important lesson in compassion from this little girl, she might be young but her kindness absolutely transcends age.