You won’t believe some of the advertising tricks the food industry has used on all of us throughout the years. Some are pretty outrageous — and some are downright sad. But the fact of the matter is that many of us have been duped over the years by some of what food marketers have “fed” us.

But when you think about the incredibly detrimental and horrific nature of factory farming in combination with these food marketing tactics, it all becomes a little more disturbing. When you think about food labels that say things like “farm fresh” with images of green pastures and happy animals touting these foods in contrast with the truth about their origins — packed farms, sick animals, and a whole lot of cruelty in many cases — the whole thing really seems shocking. Watch as this food marketing expert explains all of this and more — stunning an audience into thinking about the true nature of the food they’re consuming, and probably stunning you in the process too.

Image source: Compassion in World Farming/Youtube