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One of the many reasons that animal products are so incredibly popular among consumers is the fact that, when you go to a grocery store, all you see is a jar or a package containing something quick and easy you can bring home and consume. Add in a little creative marketing and that box or jar becomes more than a convenient meal, it becomes “wholesome” and the brand is the reflection of “strong values,” bearing the name of a family you can “trust.”

Well, while this picture is nice, it is a mask that is designed to hide all the terrible things that happened to animals in order to bring that jar or package to your local market, the exact reason why it is so popular among consumers.

People don’t like to think that the jar of mayonnaise they have sitting in the back of the fridge was made 1. from eggs (most people forget what it’s even made of) and 2. that millions of male baby chicks die every year as a common practice of the egg industry.

Farm Forward, has launched a new campaign to address this matter, bringing much needed attention to an issue that is so often overlooked. Because how can a sandwich spread be inhumane…right?

Hellman’s and Best Foods pride themselves on quality products that can be trusted by their consumers, paying little mind to the fact that today’s consumer wants to know more than ever what it is they are really paying for. This campaign from Farm Forward aims to do just that, give consumers the knowledge they need to make real, informed decisions about the things they feed their family – outside of cheap marketing appeals.

To join Farm Forward, sign the petition here calling for better practices from Hellman’s and Best Foods and like their Facebook page. Check out the video as well and share it to help spread the word about the cruel world of sandwich spreads.


Image source: Wikimedia Commons