Once you have seen the images or undercover footage from a factory farm, it is pretty difficult to go back to eating meat. It’s no surprise that the majority of the meat-eating population of the world has literally no clue how it is that their meals arrive on their plates everyday, but after watching this video, it becomes clear that this ignorance is exactly what allows the meat industry to make billions of dollars.

You see, consumers (for the most part) are very trusting and are willing to turn a blind eye to the atrocities ravaged on countless animals, as long as the packaging on their meat boasts a “farm fresh” label. As Green Monsters, you have already been clued in to the truth behind various “humane” labels, but for the most part, regular people cling to those fallacious labels as proof that eating meat is not THAT bad.


But take it from someone whose job is to make those labels, it is that bad. Every single consumer in the world should watch this video in order to understand how they have been systematically deceived. Whether or not you support a plant-based diet, the bottom line is billions of people are being lied to and manipulated all to push profits.

After seeing the truth about how you are tricked into buying meat, you have a choice: will you continue to support institutionalized torture and cruelty OR open your eyes and stop buying?

Image source: Leaptouy/Wikipedia Commons