Factory farms are ripe with problems that gravely impact industry workers, our environment, our health, and billions of animals each year. Many of us might know the standard facts about these farms (also known as CAFOs, or confined animal feeding operations), but other details are not readily available or rather, conveniently left out.

Poultry company Bell & Evans (whose products are sold at Whole Foods and other outlets) proudly flaunts their commitment to being “organic” and feeding their hens an “all-vegetarian diet,” as well as their dedication to a “Humane Animal Welfare Standard.” They assure consumers that all of their chickens are “humanely raised and compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment throughout their lives.”

The company even has a video highlighting their “humane” standards, stating that it is much different from other industry videos you may have seen (hinting at the proliferation of investigative videos from animal protection organizations in recent years).

Perhaps you have seen these claims printed on packages of chicken (and eggs) at your local grocery store. Typically, these items are right next to their “crueler” competition like Tyson, Perdue or Eggland’s Best, and so you may naturally pick up the more “humane” choice since the company appears dedicated to offering a better life to their animals.

What you may not know though is that most of these claims are dead wrong. New undercover footage from Compassion Over Killing (COK) unveils the truth of what really goes on behind the doors of a factory farm disguised as a “humane” farming facility.

A COK investigator spent time under the roof of one of Bell & Evans’ “humane” farms, documenting what happened within its walls. No birds are being “compassionately handled” here.

An estimated 20 million baby birds are hatched at the facility each year, yet many of them are inhumanely killed before they are even given a chance to walk.

According to COK, hours-old chicks were “jostled from machine to machine in a highly mechanized process.” Others were found bloody, with open wounds, injuries, deformities, and illnesses. Some were even already dead by the time they were tossed off of a machine belt. And perhaps the most disturbing: the baby birds deemed unfit for processing were dumped into a grinder fully conscious.

These incidents are undeniably horrendous, and what’s worse, they’re not even isolated to this one occasion or one farm – these cruel procedures are common practices in factory farms of all shapes, sizes, and labels.

It’s unbelievable that these practices are allowed, and still more alarming that our government has yet to do anything about it. Some states have even managed to pass ag-gag laws to keep the public in the dark about industry practices by halting undercover investigations like COK’s.

It’s time to end this unconscionable treatment of animals. No living being on earth deserves such cruelty.

Watch COK’s newly released undercover video of a Bell & Evans’ farm below. While there is no blood and guts in this one, it’s equally upsetting so viewer discretion is advised.

Image & quote source: Action for Animals Tumblr