Crocodiles are resilient wild animals that have stood the test of time and outlived dinosaurs. Although they should be revered and protected as living relics from prehistoric times, they are sadly the target of exploitation by humans like most all wild animals in the world.


Crocodiles are often killed for their skins in the fashion industry, but not many know they are also exploited for a profit at tourist-funded “crocodile shows,” including in Thailand.

petition on Care2 describes the gruesome incident that occurred at one of these attractions in Thailand: After waving sticks in front of a captive wild crocodile, this “trainer” stuck his head in the croc’s mouth, where the animal’s natural instincts were triggered and he clamped down and swung the man’s body to the horror of onlookers. As the petition explains, crocodiles are wild animals who cannot be trained to obey people, and holding them captive is not only cruel, but it seriously puts people’s lives at risk.

The incident described in the petition is not an isolated case.  Numerous people have been injured because they mindlessly got too close to crocodiles at tourist attractions, and it is time authorities put an end to this type of “entertainment”.

Please take a moment to sign this petition addressed to Thailand’s  Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, asking for the immediate closure of these crocodile shows that are putting the lives of crocodiles, handlers, and tourists at risk.


Please share this with your friends and family as a reminder to never support tourist attractions anywhere in the world that exploit animals for “entertainment.”

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