Seals, often considered dogs of the ocean, are curious, playful, and friendly animals. They are a very social species that are known for gathering together during certain times of the year to molt, breed, and travel. And, as you can see, their social butterfly tendencies apply to interactions with humans as well!

This seal slowly inches up to see what this peculiar person is doing laying on the ground in a very seal-like fashion. Is he part seal? Is he trying to fit in with the seal crew? Either way, this adorable seal seems comfortable enough to nudge, sniff, and eventually lay beside his new buddy for a nice nap.


When witnessing animals interact like this, it’s impossible to deny their emotional depth. They want to make friends and have fun just like anyone else! While elephants seals are not normally hunted for their fur like the harp seal or Canadian seal, they still serve as an example that none of the animals in this species deserves to live in fear of being hunted! Hopefully, as more people become aware of seal’s kind and sweet demeanor, we will see a decline in the rampant hunting of these adorable animals.