Dr. Bronner’s, organic body care company, is well known for its wonderfully eco-friendly products. Perhaps less known is the company’s strong mission for activism and their ongoing support of marine wildlife organization Sea Shepherd. Now, Dr. Bronner’s is helping the organization and marine animals through their All-One project.

A few years back, Dr. Bronner’s started supplying Sea Shepherd campaigns and mission with soap and coconut oil for the crew to use while at sea. Later on, the company went on to purchase communications equipment for one of the Sea Shepherd ships and, in December 2016, donated the money to buy and renovate a small vessel for Sea Shepherd Germany to launch a campaign in the Baltic Sea to protect harbor porpoises. The ship was named MV Emanuel Bronner, after the founder of the company.

Michael Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s, said in an interview with Alex Cornelissen and Anne Kämmerling of Sea Shepherd Germany that the more he got to know the people involved in the organization, the more he saw that their mission and goals were the same as his own company’s. “Motivated by a mutual concern and compassion for the environment and wildlife, both organizations hold a deep belief in the power and responsibility of individuals to take direct action to right the wrongs of the world,” he explained.

Dr. Bronner’s is a company focused on creating green products with as little waste as possible, as well as fair treatment of the suppliers, employees, and customers alike. They are also dedicated to helping bring about positive change through their support of conservation organizations. Not for nothing do they call themselves the “fighting soap company”! According to Bronner, all profits from the sold products, not needed for taxes and capital investments, go to fund causes around the world, like the work of Sea Shepherd.

Adding more fuel to the fight to aid the world-changing work of this marine conservation organization, Dr. Bronner and Sea Shepherd have launched co-branded merchandise that can be bought in their online store – jolly roger castile soap, anyone? All profits from the merchandise will benefit Sea Shepherd and their missions.

In the interview with Bronner, Alex Cornelissen of Sea Shepherd points out that both Dr. Bronner’s and Sea Shepherd are made of similar-minded people who “share the same love for the planet and all understand that everything we do on this planet is connected and has consequence.”

If you’re interested in spreading that love and purchasing some of the co-branded items, check out Dr. Bronner’s online shop here. 

Image source: Dr. Bronner’s