When a person goes to a marine park where animals are kept for entertainment and made to do tricks, it can be difficult to see beyond the happy, smiling people and notice the cruelty happening right in front of them. After all, everybody seems to be having fun and enjoying themselves, don’t they? Everyone is laughing except the very stars that everyone came to see: the dolphins and orcas.

You may wonder what’s so wrong about these parks, and what’s up with calling Sea World “captivity”? Watch this short PSA and you will understand why dolphins are meant to be in the wild and not kept in captive situations for our entertainment.

Dolphins are very intelligent species, and in the wild they can swim up to hundred miles a day. That’s hardly the exercise they get when they’re in captivity, where they are kept in small tanks and not given enough room to roam and swim. Salvatore Cardoni, a writer with Takepart.com, wrote that “(e)ven in the largest aquarium facilities, captive dolphins have access to less than 1/10,000 of 1 percent of the swimming area available to them in their natural environment.”

Dolphins also have complex social and family bonds. A mother and her calf stay together at all times for between three and six years, and female dolphins will stay together to help each other nurture and protect their young.

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Image source: Dolphin Project/ Vimeo