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The more SeaWorld tries to hide from the truth — that marine animals do not belong in captivity — the more backlash they receive. So far this year, the marine park’s stocks have plummeted, artists have cancelled performances, and attendance is lower this time than last year’s.

So, what does SeaWorld do to counteract the growing list of non-supporters, which it calls “animal rights extremists?” (Yes, because apparently when you care about an animal’s basic rights, your automatically “extreme.”) Well, the marine park has done quite a lot of their fact-twisting PR gimmicks, for one.

Most recently, Dr. Ingrid Visser, head of the Orca Research Trust, called out on SeaWorld and asked that the marine park apologize for misusing her orca research to their benefit.

Because SeaWorld has been found to be the biggest hypocrite of all — with all of its shady and deceiving lies — here are a couple of videos that SeaWorld probably doesn’t want you to see, with the above video from DNews, showcasing “Blackfish,” the documentary that started it all:

 Captivity vs. Wild (Killer Whales)

Common Myths About Dolphin and Whale Captivity

When the Orcas Aren’t Performing

Dear SeaWorld: A Class Addresses the Company

Oh, and obviously, SeaWorld doesn’t want you to see Blackfish.

Image source: 10 Things Dolphins and Orcas Would Tell Us About Life in Captivity