In America, we view animals in two ways. Animals like dogs and cats, are our furry companions, loyal and lovable, and always welcome by our side. Others, like pigs, cows, and chickens, might be cute but at the end of the day they are non-feeling commodities destined for life in family farms. But what happens when these two worlds merge? Well, that’s exactly the case in South Korea, the only country in the world known to commercially farm dogs for meat and associated products.

Thankfully, through the efforts of the Humane Society International (HSI) and the Animal Welfare Association (AWA) shelter, three pups were spared the terrible fate in a South Korea dog meat farm and are now adjusting to their new lives at AWA’s shelter in Voorhees.


Having lived in a cage for their entire lives, Kermit, Hugh, and Irving, are now experiencing true freedom. 

As part of an international effort to permanently end the farming of dogs for meat, the HSI’s Animal Rescue Team worked with a farm in South Korea to negotiate the release of the animals. 

In exchange for the pups, farmers were taught how to cultivate fruits and vegetables to maintain a living. 

While these dogs are clearly in a better place now, their journey has only just begun.  

Having known nothing but cruelty up until now, these animals will have to learn about love and companionship.


It will be tough at first, but these dogs deserve it! 


Unfortunately, it still remains legal to eat dogs in South Korea, so whether these farmers will change their ways will only be told with time. Still, every dog saved is undoubtedly a victory and we hope that in the coming years, even more will be saved as we slowly put an end to this cruel industry.

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