While the thought of eating dog meat is detestable in the United States, this is not the case everywhere. In South Korea, there are farms dedicated to raising dogs for consumption, just as readily as there are farms in the U.S. for chickens, cows, and pigs. While attitudes toward eating dog meat are changing in South Korea, thousands of dogs still suffer within the confines of horrific farms every year. Thankfully, with the help of rescue organizations, some dogs get the chance at a happy ending – one of them being Chi Chi.

Chi Chi was born into the dog meat trade and was rescued after kind people found her callously abandoned in a plastic bag.  Rescuers believe she had her legs bound together and was hanged upside down day in and day out in the meat facility. Her legs were so infected from the wounds that her flesh rotted off her bones.  Her injuries were so grave that when veterinarians finally got to her, all four of her paws needed to be amputated

However, Chi Chi’s will to survive is so strong, that no matter her circumstances, she has fought to keep going. Rescuers teamed with Chula’s Compass, a sub-branch of Animal Rescue, Media, and Education in California, to give Chi Chi a second chance at life. And just recently, a home!

After learning her story, the Howell family of Phoenix, Arizona, stepped up to make Chi Chi one of their own. The Howells have adopted several rescue dogs, including two former lab animals from Beagle Freedom Project. That means that Chi Chi will not only get a loving family, but also two doggy siblings! Pretty famous ones too, Kipper and Harry have become Facebook celebrities and “poster dogs” for an awareness campaign about animal testing. Now, Chi Chi will help spread the word about the perils of the dog meat trade too.

This courageous dog will head to her new home in March. In the meantime, she is being fitted for prosthetics and rehabilitation is helping her to walk again. Despite all she has been through, she remains as sweet and cheerful as ever. Chi Chi is a true testament of what it means to be a survivor and teaches us all to never give up hope, no matter what difficulties life throws at us.

Want to help dogs like Chi Chi?  Sign Asia For Animals Coalition’s petition to end the dog meat market in South Korea and share this article and help raise awareness for dogs in need!

To keep up with Chi Chi and her new family, follow her Facebook page, Chi Chi The Great.

All image source: Chi Chi The Great