The Arrow Fund recently rescued Darren and Eve, two dogs who were saved from a terrible death in a South Korean dog meat farm. Thankfully, no more dogs will have to suffer on the farm where these two were saved as it is being shut down thanks to the help of Humane Society International!

Darren and Eve were raised in horrible conditions and their fate seemed to be decided – but now their lives are completely changed. It is hard to believe that their future could have been so very different.


Darren has an injured tail and paw, but all he seems to think about now is how much he loves to play!

When she first got out of her cage, Eve was petrified – but now she is starting to trust people. Eve is a Greyhound and was freezing in the cold South Korean winters. Now, she finally learns what comfort means.


As The Arrow Fund reports, an estimated 2.5 million dogs are slaughtered for meat in South Korea alone. Fortunately, animal rights organizations and rescues are working to put an end to this terrifying reality and save as many dogs as possible from the farms.

“We feel honored that we could be a part of something so big,” The Arrow Fund team writes on their Facebook page, “We hope as more people are educated about this heinous practice we can together take the proper steps to shut down this barbaric suffering.”


You can help Darren, Eve, and other dogs like them by making a donation via the rescue’s website. Both dogs are also currently looking for foster homes.

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Image source: The Arrow Fund/Facebook