When Imgur user thepursuitofharperness started searching for a dog last year, she figured she would adopt a senior dog since she didn’t have much time to care for a pup. That was until her sister posted something on Facebook that would change her life forever: a post detailing a recent Humane Society International rescue of dogs from a meat farm. South Korea, where the rescue took place, is the only country in the world known to commercially farm dogs to supply the nation’s demand for dog meat and associated products. The animals are bred during the winter months in horrible conditions and are then transported to dog meat restaurants, markets and slaughterhouses in the summertime when the consumption of dog meat is most popular.

As one would expect, the photos were all heartbreaking, but one particular Golden Retriever caught the Imgur user’s eye.


“The sad expression, the heavy chain choking her neck, the tail between the legs that was wagging gently because someone had come to free her…’This is my dog. This is the one.’ That’s all I could think to myself,” she shares

Thankfully, this pup was on her way to the U.S. to find a loving home! 

After some diligent tracking, the pup was located at a shelter. Shelter workers warned, however, that despite the pup’s seemingly happy grin she was extremely skittish and easily frightened. 

That didn’t stop this Imgur user from adopting her though! She brought the little one home and promptly got her set up in a comfy cage with plenty of blankets and toys. 

And from there, the adventures began! Over the past six months, Harper has gotten to meet other dogs and play like a regular dog for the first time… 

…frolick in the snow… 

…learn the magical game of fetch…

And even go to the beach!

Yup, we’d say Harper is a muuuuch happier dog than she used to be. 


With all of the disheartening news there is about the dog meat trade in South Korea, it can get easy to feel that this issue will never be solved. However, we must remember that every dog saved is a small victory. Because of this kind Imgur user, this dog’s life is forever changed. And that is definitely worth celebrating.

All Images Source: thepursuitofharperness/Imgur