One can only imagine the desperation this poor girl must have felt swimming around in a dark, scary, cold well for hours – not knowing if she’d survive, if anyone cared, or would help her. Thank goodness, someone did care, and help was on the way from the fantastic volunteers at Animals Aid Unlimited in India.

Before the rescue team showed up, she had a routine of swimming for a while and then resting by holding onto the side of the well. With no source of food or fresh water, however, she could only keep it up for so long and her strength was rapidly declining. When Animals Aid showed up and pulled the sweet girl out of the well, it was like a HUGE breath of fresh air. She was then transported to their facility to be checked out, treated, and to recover from her trauma. Seeing this cutie safe, comfortable, and loved on, made our hearts smile. Thank you to Animals Aid Unlimited for saving yet another innocent animal in need!


The volunteers at Animal Aid are the epitome of selflessness and compassion, but the lifesaving work they do each and every day wouldn’t be possible without donations from animal lovers like you. If you get the warm fuzzies inside from watching rescues like these, please consider donating to help rescue and provide spay and neuter to the innocent street dogs in India by clicking here.

To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited click here.